Book Launch: flower, fruit, leaf, husk and root

San Serriffe, Thursday 4th April 20.00
Introduction and conversation with Alex Walker, Lucila Kenny and Barbara Collé
San Serriffe, Sint Annenstraat 30 Amsterdam

It is about a woman who, well into her eighties, still jumped on her bike with a young tree to plant it in good, fertile soil and about another woman who got her most hopeful life insight from the transformation process of a plant.

Thursday 4 April at San Seriffe Amsterdam is the book launch of the book by Lucila Kenny, Naan Rijks and Alex Walker. Come and have a look at the stunningly beautiful book (designed and initiated by Alex Walker) and also come to listen to the story about, for example, the relationship between Naan and the gall apples and Lu and the Woad.

I was invited to collaborate on the book, to transcribe and rewrite the conversations between Lu and Naan, between Lu, Naan and Alex and Lu and Naan and myself. With the aim of making the joy of research, the two women’s loving collaboration with the plants, splash off the paper even as written text.

Naan and Lu have always shared their knowledge, inspiration and insights with everyone through workshops and this book is entirely in that line of sharing. The book gives you practical information about dyes and inks from plants, it is full of beautiful images of plants and artworks by both Naan Rijks and Lucila Kenny. But above all that, I would especially recommend the book to you for the contagious wonder both women share with us.

Hope to see you next Thursday. Lu, Alex and I will be there to talk about the book and the process.

Order your copy here
Each copy has a unique cover screen-printed with natural dyes
€ 25
Edition of 200

flower, fruit, leaf, husk and root: experiments in growing colour

Lucila Kenny, Naan Rijks, Alex Walker

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