Essay: Crackling Gum on my Tongue

Crackling Gum on my Tongue is an artist book created by Corine van der Wal and Ide André. The book shows us 60 thrusting scenes in colour, printed with Riso. Corine and Ide asked me to write an accompanying essay to this work:

“With the book in my hands, I turn my body to face north, so that when I turn the pages, the wind comes from the left and the book catches the west wind of Zephyrus. I have to settle in for a moment. I am overwhelmed by the waves of brush strokes and by the rhythm. The radiant colours almost blind me. But then my hands and my breath find the pace of the balmy westerly breeze and my page-turning journey begins.

Book launch Friday, 26 January, during Arnhem Uitnacht.

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