Sasso is a wishing stone | Residency together with Uta Neumann

Sasso residency Barbara Collé Uta Neumann 2022

Sasso means stone. We didn’t know that when we sent in our book. In our artist book, we printed 24 images of a stone. It wasn’t until four weeks after we were invited that someone told us; ‘Everything is called Sasso there, because that is Italian for stone.’

Uta has been accompanied by stones for years, they were new to me, but then again they were not.

We made imprints of stones with clay, we swam with stones in the icy waterfall, we filmed the light captured by stones. We went to Zürich to see Sigmar Polke’s Kirchenfenster in the Grossmünster, stained glass patterns made of stones. And walked into the healing Grotto Emma Kunz found.

Sasso is a wishing stone.

The last weeks we turned over every Sasso and in the end it happend that we could get blood from a stone. Dragon blood, beautiful red oxygenated blood from a dragon stone.

After this beautiful precious period at Casa Sasso together with the artists Tonjaschja Adler and Susan Waeckerlin (our true Sassi Dragon Sisters) we wallow on like rolling stones polished by water. Thank you dear people of Sasso’s, we won’t forget you.

If you want to see and read more about our artist residency period, read our blog posts on the Casa Sasso website.

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