Celebrate the light | Colour Meditation


Sommer Solstice June 21, 2022

This year, during the day with the almost infinite light, the longest day, I’m staying as an artist in residence at Sasso. Together with Uta Neumann, I invited our fellow artists from the house to celebrate the light. Because when we celebrate light we also celebrate colour, we prepared a special colour meditation.

It was such a special and beautiful experience with this group. Everyone turned out to have seen different colours, but also the same, different movements, but also the same, had completely different experiences during the meditation, but experienced also exactly the same.

This colour meditation is based on a well-known European visual meditation and consists of the colours blue and red in a graphic pattern. Uta and I have done it a number of times now, increasing the duration each time. It is not only intensive on the eyes, wonderful and amazingly colourful but also very intriguing and maybe even a little addictive. After every time we eagerly want to move on and are curious what we will see next time.

You could say these meditations have the ultimate cliffhanger, so to be continued.

Thank you dear Tonjashja, Susan, Kathleen and Chess for this beautiful day!

P.S. Last year I wrote an essay on the specific Sommer Solstice Colours. You can still read it when you follow this link >

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