Artist in residence at Sasso Residency, Switzerland

Sasso residency Barbara Collé

Barbara Collé & Uta Neumann
Artists in Residence, June 2022

Sasso Residency
Vairano, Ticino, Switzerland

We are already looking forward to it from the beginning of January: our time at Lago Maggiore. Sasso Residency invited us after we responded to their Open Call. We sent them an artist book printed with Riso. For the prints we used an image of a stone. It wasn’t until a month later after we got the invitation that someone told us that Sasso means “stone.” We couldn’t have been more to the point, ha ha ha.

We have been travelling in Switzerland for ten days when we arrive at the Sasso house on Saturday morning June 11. It was already beautiful in the photos, but in reality we really can’t believe our eyes. Indescribably beautiful. All rooms are beautiful, the kitchen, the studio, the wood workshop, the courtyard and the large vegetable garden with lots of fruit. The view is unbelievable magical too.

A little later we meet Sarah Parsons of the Sasso team and soon also our two co-residents this month: artists Tonjashja Adler and Susan Waeckerlin.

The following mornings we can only say to each other that we still don’t quite believe that we are really here. And that we are so happy that the Sasso team has selected and combined the four of us together.

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